Energy Saving Missions

As a selected smart meter customer, you can earn Eco Points when you save energy during Energy Saving Missions.

Exclusive for selected CLP smart meter users

What are Energy-Saving Missions

To contribute to a greener future, selected smart meter customers will be invited to participate in designated Energy-Saving Missions. By reducing your energy consumption in specific hours of designated days, you can earn Eco Points for an array of fabulous rewards. The more electricity you save, the more eco points you will earn. The preliminary saving result can be viewed at "Energy-Saving Missions - Performance Tracker".


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You must be a selected smart meter customer to participate in ESM events. Invitations to the Scheme will be sent to selected customers that have smart meters installed via direct mail or email. Customers can also call the hotline on 2678 0555 for checking the eligibility.


As a registered CLP customer, you can also earn Eco Points through our energy saving program under Power Connect!

Customer Testimonial  

“Energy Saving Missions are a great idea! It helps me save on my energy costs while doing good for the environment at the same time.”

“I saved 8kWh and earned 1,600 Eco Points from the event day. Eco Point can be used to redeem fabulous rewards like supermarket coupons, food coupons & smart appliances.



ESM events help us to manage electricity demand. When you participate, you help to reduce the need for additional power plants and keep electricity costs low.


You can also earn 200 Eco Points for each unit of electricity saved. Redeem Eco Points for supermarket coupons, food coupons and more!


If you allow CLP to control your air conditioner through smart gadgets during the Event day, you can earn more. Once you allow CLP to control your air conditioner, you can earn an extra 100 Eco Points for each unit of electricity saved.

Calculating energy savings and rewards 

We calculate the units of electricity saved through the formula below: 

  • Electricity saved (kWh) = Baseline energy usage – energy usage during specified hours on the event day
  • Energy-Saving Reward = Each unit of electricity saved (kWh) x 200 Eco Points

To calculate your baseline usage, we will look at your energy use before the ESM event. Based on your energy use 10 working days before the ESM event, we will identify 3 days with the highest energy use.


The 10 working days cover Mondays to Saturdays, except public holidays and past event days.

Graph illustrating how we derive the baseline usage

We use the 3 days with the highest energy use to calculate an average and set your baseline usage. Depending on the ESM event period (e.g. 6pm to 10pm), we will reference your energy use during the same period.

Energy-saving rewards are calculated on an event basis. We will calculate your reward according to the formula below:

Energy-saving Reward = Each unit of electricity saved (kWh) x 200 Eco Points

*Terms and conditions (PDF) apply.

How to participate

Selected smart meter customer can participate in ESM events. We will inform eligible customers before the start of each event via: 

  • CLP app push notification;
  • SMS message; or
  • Email

Participating in ESM events is completely voluntary and free. However, if you wish to withdraw from this rewards programme, you may call 2678 0555 (Service hours: 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holiday)

What to expect

About 4-6 hours before the start of each event, we will alert you via: 

  • CLP app push notification; 
  • SMS message; or 
  • Email

Our alerts specify the exact date and time period of each ESM event.


To receive the latest news on ESM events, make sure that your mobile number and email address is up to date. You should also enable app notifications from your CLP Power Mobile App.

We recommend following these tips to save energy:

Cool your space before the start of the event.

Once the event starts, increase your air-conditioner's temperature by 2°C to 3°C and use a fan.


You may use smart gadgets to optimise your air-conditioner easily and save energy all year. 

Fully charge your electronic devices before the event.

Examples of electronic devices include mobile phones and laptops.

If possible, turn off your air-conditioner, TV and lights during the event.

If you have a smart home device, you can schedule your device to turn off during the ESM event.

Use your washing machine after the event ends.

Reduce your shower time to 5 minutes.

You can also use the CLP Power Mobile App or website to check how much energy you have saved and set consumption alerts.


Please exercise discretion and consider health impacts when reducing energy use.

Receiving your results

You should receive instructions to check your preliminary results and rewards via email.

Checking your rewards

Please log in to view your preliminary result and rewards. Learn more about how to create account.


The validated Eco Points you earn by saving energy will be credited to your electricity account within 60 days of your next electricity bill being issued. You can log in to your CLP online account and go to Eco Points History for details. 


All Eco Points will expire after 2 years. You may forfeit all current and pending rewards if you: 

  • Move out from your registered address;
  • Suspend your electricity account; or 
  • Change your tariff type.

1) Is there any penalty if I cannot save energy during the events?

No, the programme aims at encouraging customers to achieve energy-saving. No penalty will be applied even though there is no energy saved.

2) Can customers without smartphones participate in Energy-Saving Missions?

Yes, customers can receive notification of event date, time, results & rewards of Energy-Saving Mission via sms or email. Please contact us at 2678 0555 or email to [email protected] to provide updated information such as mobile number & email.

3) How would I be notified of results and rewards of Energy-Saving Mission if I do not have any smartphone and email?

Download and login to CLP App is the easiest way to receive event notification, results & eco points gained from Energy-Saving Mission, as well as redeeming your favourite gifts before the expiry of eco points.

Given the validity of eco points, we shall issue a letter to customers without email and mobile number, summarizing the eco points received yearly from all Energy-Saving Missions each year. The final rewards of each Energy-Saving Mission will be released within 60 days of your next electricity bill being issued. You can go to CLP online account to check their rewards in the Eco Points History.