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CLP (We) maintain strict security to prevent unauthorised access to your information. We will never validate your personal information (e.g., CLP Website login name, CLP Website password, etc.) by email. If you receive such requests, please report immediately to our CLP Customer Service Hotline at 2678-2678. You are also advised to communicate with us through our official website (domain address:

To further enforce security of using CLP Website service, please note the following practices:

  1. Change your CLP Website password on a regular basis. Do not use dictionary vocabularies as your password, or any information in association with you.
  2. Always remember to log off properly and close the browser after you have finished using CLP Website service.
  3. Avoid using CLP Website service from a public computer (e.g. in internet cafe), as these computers may have been installed with hacker programmes to collect customer information.
  4. Avoid using CLP Website service through a non-encrypted WiFi or wireless service, as traffic sent or received from your computer could be intercepted by anyone connected to the wireless network.
  5. Do not disclose your CLP Website login name and password to anyone.
  6. If you forget your CLP Website password, please generate a new password via "Forget Password" in CLP Website, or contact our Customer Service Centres or CLP Customer Service Hotline 2678-2678.
  7. Regularly apply security updates and patches for your computers’ operating system (e.g. iOS, Windows), web browser software and anti-virus software. Use personal firewalls to protect your computer and its content.
  8. Sample of digital certificate of CLP Website:



The more Eco Points you gain, the more variety of prizes you can redeem. Let’s participate and get more Eco Points!

Action Summary Points Gained
Save and Earn: Benchmarking Bonus Grade A 250 Points
Grade B 200 Points
Grade C 150 Points
Grade D 0 Point
Grade E 0 Point
Save and Earn: Completing Energy Saving Quiz 50 Points
Go Digital and Earn: Joining eBill Notification New Join 500 Points
Per Bill 100 Points
Other CLP Programme Please refer to respective programme for details


If you are an Eco Power 360 user, a benchmarking bonus would be given every 2 months based on comparing your electricity consumption of your most recent electricity bill with households of similar floor area and nearby location. The amount of bonus you receive depends on the benchmarking grade in Email Energy Report. You may update your household attributes by completing the surveys in Eco Power 360 to obtain a more accurate benchmarking result. The attributes would be effective starting with your next Email Energy Report. In case of discrepancy, the benchmarking grade on Email Energy Report should prevail.

Points will be given according to the following table:

Benchmarking Grade on Email Energy Report Points Gain
Grade A 250
Grade B 200
Grade C 150
Grade D 0
Grade E 0

Joining eBill Notification

If you have applied eBill Notification, you will automatically receive 100 Eco Points upon every eBill Notification you receive.

If you have not yet applied eBill Notification, come and join now for an additional 500 Eco Points

For more details on joining eBill Notification, please click here.

Energy Saving Quiz

You can accept the challenge of our Energy Saving Quiz while three random energy saving related questions will be asked every time.

If you can answer all 3 questions correctly, you will earn 50 Eco Points.

You need to wait 30 days to earn your points through Energy Saving Quiz again.

Click here to begin the quiz.

Expiry date

All Eco Points will be valid for 2 years, starting from the date which the first Eco Point is earned. All Eco Points should be used before the expiry date; otherwise they will be considered forfeit without further notification. After the expiry date, the new Eco Points earned will be given a new 2 year validity period.

Here is an illustration for the expiry date:

Approximately one month prior to your Eco Points expiry date, Eco Power 360 will remind you on the coming expiry date. However, if you are unable to consume the Eco Points before the expiry date, all points will be counted as forfeit.

Eco Points cannot be transferred to another contract account and will be counted as forfeit if the contract account is no longer valid.

For more details, please click visit our Frequently Ask Question page.

Terms & Conditions

CLP Power has the absolute right to amend, delete or supplement any of these terms and conditions in its sole discretion, and to change, suspend or terminate this Scheme at any time without giving prior notice to the customers in its sole discretion.

CLP Power reserves the right in its sole discretion to change, suspend or terminate the Eco Points and the terms at any time without prior notice.

For more details, please click visit our Terms and Conditions page.

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