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Forgot your account no./customer name? Protect Your Use of CLP Website Account


Forgot your account no./customer name?

You can find the account no./customer name on your bill as indicated below or call our customer service hotline at 2678 2678 for enquiries.



Protect Your Use of CLP Website Account

CLP (We) maintain strict security to prevent unauthorised access to your information. We will never validate your personal information (e.g., CLP Website login name, CLP Website password, etc.) by email. If you receive such requests, please report immediately to our CLP Customer Service Hotline at 2678-2678. You are also advised to communicate with us through our official website (domain address:

To further enforce security of using CLP Website service, please note the following practices:

  1. Change your CLP Website password on a regular basis. Do not use dictionary vocabularies as your password, or any information in association with you.
  2. Always remember to log off properly and close the browser after you have finished using CLP Website service.
  3. Avoid using CLP Website service from a public computer (e.g. in internet cafe), as these computers may have been installed with hacker programmes to collect customer information.
  4. Avoid using CLP Website service through a non-encrypted WiFi or wireless service, as traffic sent or received from your computer could be intercepted by anyone connected to the wireless network.
  5. Do not disclose your CLP Website login name and password to anyone.
  6. If you forget your CLP Website password, please generate a new password via "Forget Password" in CLP Website, or contact our Customer Service Centres or CLP Customer Service Hotline 2678-2678.
  7. Regularly apply security updates and patches for your computers’ operating system (e.g. iOS, Windows), web browser software and anti-virus software. Use personal firewalls to protect your computer and its content.
  8. Sample of digital certificate of CLP Website:
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