CLP subsidies and support for individuals

We will launch a series of community support programmes in 2022 to help people in need to recover from the severe impact of the pandemic.

How are we helping people in need?

The COVID-19 outbreak in Hong Kong is easing, but businesses and people across the city are still recovering from the severe impact of the pandemic. In response, we will allocate about HK$220 million through the CLP Community Energy Saving Fund in 2022 to roll out a series of programmes to help people in need.  These programmes will also promote energy-saving and carbon reduction, re-energise the community, and add momentum to Hong Kong’s economic recovery.

We allocate HK$80 million to relaunch this programme in 2022. It will benefit nearly 800,000 households, including:

  • residential customers with low electricity consumption
  • elderly customers who qualify for concessionary tariff
  • 10,000 tenants of subdivided units

Each of the eligible households will receive a total worth of HK$100 retail and catering coupons. More than 2,800 participating outlets accept the coupons.  

The programme will run for 6 months.

Through the CLP Power Connect programme, we will allocate more than HK$72 million in 2022 to help underprivileged households and encourage electricity saving. 

  • One-off extra electricity subsidy:  Provide HK$1,000 electricity subsidy to each of 50,000 eligible households (elderly people, low-income families, disabled people and 10,000 subdivided unit tenants).
  • Rewiring for subdivided unit tenants:  Provide subsidies to assist landlords of subdivided units to carry out rewiring works needed to install individual electricity meters.  This is to improve home safety and living environment of tenants.
  • Promoting energy-saving: Encourage you as our residential customers to save energy year-round and earn points for reward redemption.

We will provide HK$2,000 worth of energy-efficient electrical appliances to each of these 7,000 families.  This is to improve energy efficiency at their homes.

These new initiatives provide support people in need, encourage energy saving and bring cheer to the community.

  • Students E-learning assistance programme:  We will allocate HK$5 million in 2022 to donate e-learning equipment, e.g. tablets or laptops and data SIM cards, to about 500 underprivileged students.
  • Nutritious food packages to underprivileged children:  We will set aside HK$4.5 million to distribute nutritious food packages to children of eligible families referred by non-governmental organisations (NGOs).  An estimated 20,000 children will benefit.
  • Energy saving & electrical safety education theatre programme:  We allocate HK$4.5 million for the programme with a drama to enhance people’s knowledge about electricity safety and energy saving.  Around 15,000 people are expected to benefit from attending the shows at venues in CLP supply areas. 
  • Low carbon and green living tour for underprivileged families:  We will allocate HK$2 million organise low carbon and green living tours for underprivileged families in remote areas, visiting Hong Kong’s green spots on electric coaches and learning about environmental protection and energy efficiency.  An estimated 1 000 participants will benefit.
  • “Eco Fun” energy saving online game:  We set aside HK$2 million into designing online games for CLP residential customers with a theme of energy conservation.

We allocate HK$1.5 million to continue the CLP Award for VPET Students.   This provides financial assistance to needy students enrolled in VPET courses with the Vocational Training Council.  On recommendation by the Council, a total of 75 students in the 2022/23 academic year will each receive a subsidy of HK$20,000.

More information

Please refer to media release and fact sheets (PDF).

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