First bill and initial deposit (Residential)

Find out when you will receive your home’s first electricity bill. Learn more about the deposit.

Receiving your first bill

Depending on your property's meter reading schedule, you should receive your first bill within 2 months. As a residential customer, you will be billed approximately every 60 days. Your bill may state 55 to 65 days of consumption depending on your property’s meter reading schedule. 

Starting from July 2022, we will no longer offer postal bills by default. We will notify customers via the "eBill notification" email each time a new bill is issued. 

An eBill is an electronic copy of your electricity bill. eBills are accessible through your CLP online account, anytime and anywhere.


  • Fast: Download your electricity bill anytime, anywhere! Avoid the hassle or potential of late or lost mail due to unexpected delivery issues.
  • Convenient: Receive timely notifications when your eBill is ready.
  • Environmentally friendly: Minimise waste and reduce your carbon footprint today!
  • Rewarding: Browse the latest offers, promotions and energy saving tips.

Paying for your first bill

There are many ways for you to pay your bill. However, Autopay is the most convenient payment method. 


  • Receive a 30% discount on your initial security deposit (Bank Autopay residential customers only).
  • Avoid late payment charges and manual transactions through automatic bill payments.
  • Apply for free, value-added payment services such as Payment alert and eReceipt


Security deposit

You need to pay a security deposit for your new electricity account. This acts as security against the possible charges for your account. We will refund it when you close your electricity account.

Deposit amount

To calculate your security deposit, we will consider your property’s floor area. 

In general, your deposit amount is based on your highest expected charge over a 60-day period. 

Deposit collection

We will collect your deposit together with your first bill. From time to time, we will review the amount and may collect additional deposits if your actual usage is higher than expected.

More information

Please refer to our Supply Rules (PDF) for the relevant terms and conditions.

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